How to Burn Fat & Build Muscle Simultaneously While Eating What You Crave

Do you wish to burn fat and build muscles at the same time? Well, count yourself among the millions of people who wish to attain a perfect physique devoid of fat. Can you believe that everything you assume you know relating to nutrition might be exactly what’s preventing you from attaining your ambitions? Dieting is arguably one of the most convenient methods of burning fat and building muscles. Diet will successfully influence the toning of our body muscles. Carb back loading, a dietary program that reserves your carbohydrate intake until the end of the day is responsible for amazing results for people who want to build muscles fast. It is claimed to be one of the most effective muscle building diet technique today.

Some Background on Carb Back Loading

Developed by John Kiefer, a reputable physicist and nutritionist, Carbohyrate back loading is a daily nutrition method that entails every user to follow a stringent 30 gram of carbohydrates each day for ten days diet. Conventionally, trainers and experts in body building will have you believe that building a lean and muscular body shape is best achieved through bulking and then shedding. The underlying principle being that a caloric surplus is critical to gain mass while a caloric insufficiency is necessary to cut down on excess fat. This dieting technique is said to be an effective tool as it is able to do both at the same time by back loading the carbs while successfully timing the intake of fats, carbs and proteins. The protocol is a bit easier to follow and will let a bigger person to cut down while building muscles and stamina and allow a somewhat leaner guy to gain mass while stabilizing body fat levels.

Why Consider This Body Building Dietary Strategyman lifting barbells

Carb backloading is responsible for letting you gain quality muscle. Of course you can gain mass by eating a lot quicker on conventional bulk by eating similar to a pig all day. The issue, however, is that you will most likely amass a lot of fat in the process. The best thing with this dietary strategy is that it all the mass you will gain is muscle and lose the fat in the process. Basically, you will burn fat and build muscle all together. You can eat large portions of carbs after intense workout sessions and still make great progress. Since this diet program saves the volume of your carbohydrate consumption until end of the day, you are free to eat large portions of glycemic carbohydrates like French fries, Pizza and Ice cream as much as you want after games or workouts. It seems unbelievable to be able to knock out two birds with one stone.

The Science Behind It

Keeping away from carbohydrates during the day comes with significant advantages in terms of health and performance. With nothing to stimulate insulin release, you will burn fat throughout the day, and considerably higher amounts during exercise, game or work out sessions. A dearth of carbohydrates in the body also stimulates the sympathetic nervous system which gives you a sharp, clearer think pattern and natural energy. You won’t feel lethargic in the afternoon; rather you will be full of life.

The Diet Protocol

For 10 days consecutively, consume below 30 grams of carbohydrates every day.

Indeed, it is not enjoyable, although it is vital to heighten your body’s ability to process carbohydrates more effectively. You might feel lethargic for the first couple of days; therefore coffee as well as sugar-free energy drinks can step in to energize you. You need to stick to the process to see the results. You will burn fat and intensify your muscle’s capacity to store carbohydrates in the muscle cells. It is imperative that you cut out all forms of carbohydrates in your meal except fiber. Strictly limit your intake of grains, fruit, potatoes as well as nuts though green veggies are okay.

Additionally, you should steer clear from alcohol consumption during this period. Eat a lot of proteins daily. Saturated fats are also necessary in this diet plan. Whole eggs, bacon, cheese and red meat are absolutely good choices. A low-carb nutritional plan including saturated fats essentially reduces risk threats for heart disease.

Come the evening of the tenth day, increase your carbohydrate consumption

Engage in an intense physical activity or game on the 10th day just before you eat. Then start eating. Eat large portions, making sure your meal consists of both carbohydrates and proteins. Your body would not be able to store carbohydrates in the form of body fat at this juncture because it’s been used up. Do not worry; just eat as much you can. The best source of carbohydrates at this moment is rich-glycemic, insulin-stimulating carbohydrates. The idea is to open up the muscle cells and ram carbohydrates inside them to bring out muscles and give energy for upcoming workouts. Sugary and starchy foods are recommended. Sweet potatoes, ripe bananas and white rice are ideal. You can also eat lots of junk food like candy, hamburger, cherry turnovers and a milkshake if you wish.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror first thing the next morning

Probably, you will look leaner and have abundance of energy. You will feel bloated but do not confuse this with weight gain. On the contrary, your body will be momentarily saturated with carbs and excess water contained in the carbohydrate-rich meals. The bloating effects will go a way after a few days.

From here, backload your carbohydrates this way after intense workouts and activities

During days that you do not have intense work outs, avoid back loading and stick with the low-carb dietary plan. Even though back loading is suitable after working out in the evening, you can alter this approach if you have no option but to exercise in the morning. Before your workout session in the morning, take only black coffee. After your exercise, eat a small meal that consists of fat-digesting carbohydrates. A protein shake, banana, chicken and white rice are just right. Avoid high consumption of fat. Subsequently, until late evening, continue a low-carbohydrate diet.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, this dietary strategy appears to require no self-deprivation. This means, you can eat any food that you want and still cut down on excess fat.  By being able to eat what you want without worrying about gaining fat while getting lean and mean, this diet strategy is certainly worth checking out.  See our report here for an in-depth review of this strategy.