Get Lean And Build Muscles With A Carb Back Loading Diet

It is very important for strength trainers to balance body fat with lean tissue. This can be done with a pharmacokinetically diverse substance, also known as carbohydrates. When you consume carbohydrates, your body’s hormones get triggered. Most hormones that are alerted signal the body for growth. This is the reason why a lot of people hate carbs – it ruins their diet if they eat too much. They make both fat and muscle cells grow. If you want to stay strong, you need carbs to build muscle, but if you want to stay lean, you need to skip the carbs. It’s really quite confusing. This is where the carb back loading diet comes in.

Why Take On a Carb Back Loading Diet?muscular man

If you want to lean out and gain mass, you should try this diet. It is as simple as its name implies. You hold out your carbs until the end of the day, after your workout. Your body will feed on your fat during the first half of the day. You run on good protein which also helps your muscles repair from your workout. Your carbohydrate intake during the day should be controlled and monitored – you really need to watch what you eat and be disciplined about it. Because carbohydrates make both muscle cells and fat cells grow, you need to control it. By switching from no-carb to high-carb during the day and after your workout, you will be able to control which tissue you want the carb to feed.

This kind of diet is perfect for those who want to bulk up and stay lean. Sure, it’s possible to gain mass if you eat like a pig all day. Chances are, you’ll get a lot of fat, too. The trick is to balance out your food intake and use your carbs for good. A carb back loading diet will be a slower means of bulking up, but all your weight gain should be turned into muscle. This kind of diet needs discipline, yet you don’t really need to hold back too much. You’ll still be able to enjoy pizza, pasta and pop-tarts after your workout. Eating high-glycemic carbohydrates is even encouraged on a diet like this. Bulk up and lose that fat with this diet and with a little bit of discipline.

How It’s Done

A diet like this is fairly simple. It’s easy to understand and it’s pretty easy to do. You need to prepare your meals before-hand and make sure that you have the right kind of food in the fridge. Don’t let that be an excuse for you to cheat your diet. Summed up, the diet looks something like this:

1. Calorie back loading – keep off the carbs before you workout or before 6 pm.

2. Schedule your workout any time after 3 pm as this is the best time for your body to start training on a diet like this.

3. Carb back loading – load up on your carbs after your workout and throughout the night. Don’t forget your protein for muscle repair.

Implementing this kind of diet scheme seems pretty easy. You just need to be committed to it. It’s not about binge eating. You still need to control your carb intake. Just because a donut or some pizza is allowed, doesn’t mean you should over-do it.

Stick to the Rules

You need to know and understand what this kind of diet does to your body and why strength trainers can benefit from it. Don’t think that a couple of sets with a trainer on the bench are enough. You need an intense and heavy training session. Without this, you might as well forget about the diet and just sit on your couch eating those donuts or bag of chips all day. You need to come up with a high intensity training program with massive weights to work your muscle tissue. This is the only way that it can absorb all the changes that you will be putting your body through. The harder and the more intense your training is, the more fat and carbs you burn. Meaning, the more carbs you can put in your muscles post-workout.

Sample Meal Plan

You should skip breakfast for this day, try drinking coffee and eating a handful of nuts. You should have a small amount of protein shake, about 30 grams. The coffee should be caffeinated, this helps burn fat. Choose slow digesting nuts. This should keep you going until noon. If you’re used to skipping breakfast, then you should be okay.

Meal 1: chicken, ham, tomatoes, cheese – this is seen as the “cutting” phase. Lower your carb intake and run on protein.

Meal 2: beef, almonds and broccoli with butter – protein in your diet will resist muscle break down.

Meal 3: protein shake, low-fat cheese and almond butter – this meal ends the first half of the day. This counts as the last “cutting” phase meal, just before your workout. Plan your gym visit at about 3pm or even later. When you workout later, your body will be less receptive to storing fat.

Meal 4: post-workout shake one that contains 30 grams of protein and 40 grams of dextrose – this meal should help repair your muscles and restore your glycogen. Don’t eat real food just yet.

Meal 5: white rice, white bread, chicken and green beans – take your carbs slow. This is the first meal where you can start eating carbs, choose the ones that you can digest easily. Do this about an hour after your workout.

Meal 6: protein shake, mashed potatoes, sweet rice cakes – this is where it gets good. You can eat a bit of junk food, like donuts or cheesecake. But, don’t over-do it.

Remember to get a good night’s rest of about eight hours.  Drink a lot of water, about a gallon. You can take supplements such as fish oil or multivitamins.

The carb back loading diet is for those who want to lower their body fat percentage and bulk up. It’s not just about eating all the carbohydrates you want in order to get big. It requires planned meals and highly intense training sessions.